Detection of DNA damage in individual cells

NorGenoTech is a biomedical technology company providing efficient analysis of DNA damage.
We develop equipment, carry out research projects and offer services and training courses.

At the heart of our technology is the comet assay, which has potential as a diagnostic tool in personalized medicine and is already widely used in human bio-monitoring and for industrial testing of chemicals and drugs.

We have developed a high throughput, integrated, user-friendly DNA damage testing facility. Hospitals, research labs, chemical and pharma industries and regulators form our present and future customer base.

Examples of projects – explore more in our updates section

  • EU ERA IB project Convert Si (2017-2018): Characterization of safety of nanobiosilica – phytogenic silicon-rich biologically active compounds developed as food industry by-products;
  • EU project NANoREG (2014-2017): European legislation on nanomaterials safety assessment;
  • Norwegian project NorNANoREG (2015-2017): Nanomaterials safety assessment;
  • Typisk Norsk (2012-2027): DNA integrity and repair capacity in cancer patients.
  • French-Norwegian project ComPack (2014-2016): Developing high throughput DNA testing facility based on the innovative modified comet assay;
  • Intervention trial: The effect of coffee consumption on DNA integrity in blood cells (2016);
  • NIVA/Statoil: DNA integrity in fish from Norwegian oil platforms (2015);
  • Kraft foods/Mondelez: Coffee and oxidative stress – a human intervention study (2013);