Training courses, expertise, consultancy and partnership in research projects

Training courses

We organize workshop meetings and offer practical and theoretical training courses in all the aspects of the comet assay and other genotoxicty methods listed under Assays. We are fully aware of comet community needs and have extensive teaching experience. Our leading scientists have arranged over 20 theoretical and practical workshops in different countries, most recently in Portugal, Belgium and Norway.

The basic comet assay course takes 2-3 days and is a combination of hands-on practical training and lectures. Advanced courses are designed to cover particular applications or methodological aspects (such as specific damage detection, DNA repair measurement, or reproductive toxicology). Individual training is also offered, to address specific requests and can include a longer research stay in our laboratory in order to join on-going research or to evaluate the researcher’s own samples.

Example of topics

  • The comet assay and its history
  • Comet assay in biomonitoring studies
  • Measuring DNA base damage using lesion-specific enzymes
  • Measuring cellular DNA repair capacity
  • Studying genotoxicity of nanomaterials
  • Comet assay in ecotoxicology: assessing damage in sentinel organisms
  • Fluorescence in situ hybridization on comets
  • Technical considerations: high-throughput assay, enzymes, reference cells
  • Some common misunderstandings
  • Expressing results, statistics, quality control
  • Genotoxicity testing in the regulatory context
  • Setting up a comet lab: key considerations and GLP
  • Nutritional and clinical trials